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Most of us recognise that there are substantial benefits to be gained from leading a healthier and more active lifestyle. Moving more and eating well can help improve our physical and mental wellbeing. As well as diet and exercise we should encourage more social interaction too.

‘‘I was inspired to create PACTIVE after encouraging and supporting my Nan to be more active and to eat well after her diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes. I was already quite active myself and I wanted to be able to inspire her to improve her health and wellbeing too. With PACTIVE we’re able to share small steps that assist her recovery and have ensured a significant change in her lifestyle.’’ Ross Aylmer Founder – PACTIVE

PACTIVE is designed to help us all lead more active lives and to encourage and support those that we care about, to do the same. We understand that everyone has different fitness levels and goals, so we’ve created PACTIVE, not as a fitness app, but as an app that allows us all to achieve small regular improvements to our individual health and wellbeing and to set relevant challenges for ourselves and those around us to participate in. To enable us to encourage and inspire friends, colleagues and family to be more active… it could be as simple as getting off the bus one stop earlier, arranging lunch time walks with work colleagues or organising group activities in local parks – PACTIVE is here to help and is totally individual to you.

The improvement in my nan’s wellbeing was not just about moving more but also eating a healthier diet and keeping hydrated, the key was that we worked together because we cared.

Challenges, or PACTs as we call them, can be between two people or groups of people, they can be created to achieve performance targets using activity trackers or tasks to complete for active days out. To compliment a more active lifestyle, PACTS can also be created to encourage better diet and hydration too. Work colleagues can use PACTIVE to challenge teams to be more active in commuting to work. Groups can share popular dog walks or rambling routes for others to be inspired to replicate. There are no limits to how PACTIVE can be used to help encourage us all to MOVE MORE and build more activity into our daily lives.

We’ve created PACTIVE as a way to inspire the people that we care about, to help each other discover more ways to be active. We hope you’ll join us on a journey to help each other to MOVE MORE.

Ross Aylmer

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