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Welcome to Pactive: Empowering Well-being for a Purpose!

At Pactive, we’re on a mission to promote holistic well-being while supporting noble causes. We believe in the power of collective motivation to drive physical and mental wellness. Our unique approach doesn’t focus solely on fitness but centers around making healthy living enjoyable and straightforward. We foster support within family and social groups to inspire and uplift each other in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Offer

Pactive is not just an app; it’s a community-driven movement designed to drive engagement and support fundraising activity for your charity. Through the app, you’re able embed yourselves within your community through engaging and meaningful challenges and communication through the Pactive forum.

What Sets Pactive Apart:

Community Support: We thrive on the strength of group support. Our app is designed to encourage and motivate each other, making progress both collective and rewarding.


Holistic Well-being: We emphasize a balanced approach encompassing physical activity, healthy eating, and adequate hydration for an overall better lifestyle.

Charitable Contributions

Pactive is free to use and there are a range of ways to raise funds for your charity. The current primary revenue stream is through a share of advertising revenue, meaning the more users we have, the more we generate for charitable causes. We also run promotional opportunities where you can qualify for bonus donations made by Pactive and will be supporting in-app donations in the near future.

Join Pactive Today

Are you a charity looking to benefit from Pactive’s philanthropic mission? We invite you to register your interest! Fill in your details below, and we’ll be in touch to guide you through the simple steps to get started. If you’re eager to support and raise funds for your cause while improving well-being, Pactive is the perfect fit for you.

Join the Pactive movement and turn your well-being journey into a force for good. Download Pactive today and let’s together create a healthier and more charitable world. Start fundraising while improving your well-being – because every step counts!


For further inquiries, please contact us at


Thank you for considering Pactive. We look forward to partnering with you for a better, healthier world!

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