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1. What is Pactive?

PACTIVE – get socially-active!

PACTIVE is an App designed to help individuals and groups lead more active lifestyles.

Unlike fitness apps, PACTIVE is not built for physical performance it’s designed to bring together social groups regardless of physical abilities to become more active in their everyday lives and to enable friends and family to help support and inspire each other to lead more active lives – through a new and unique combination of activity tracking and social media.

PACTIVE is powered by people who want to help each other to be more active. Connecting people, to inspire and be inspired by each other to achieve more. Bringing together people within your network to create and share fun activities with a mix of common and personal goals.

PACTS are created between individuals, friends, work colleagues, and in the future businesses or charities to collectively complete new activities or challenges. PACTS can involve;

  • completing specific tasks,
  • visiting specific locations or
  • achieving certain measurable performance goals.

PACTS can be as serious or as fun as you like and can be participation only or can involve a forfeit or reward, the options are endless, it’s your choice – you set the PACT, you invite the PARTICIPANTS and you create how participants can record their achievements.

Using the PACTIVE app you can explore new places or help your friends & family to do more together and have fun doing it! As well as social PACTS used to plan days out or challenging friends of colleagues to achieve life goals, PACTS can also be used to help relatives and friends living with a health condition or with rehabilitation goals to become more active.

2. What is a Pact?

Think of a Pact as a challenge, Pacts are as simple or competitive as you choose, just a group of people supporting each other to improve their wellbeing, with the added fun of a reward or forfeit if you choose. The aim and duration of the Pact is set by the Pact Admin, they also invite the participants, a pact activity can be based on one of the pre-set options

  • Steps
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Drinking water
  • 5 a day
  • Sleeping
  • Tbc
  • Tbc

Or you can specify a unique activity, such as a walk in the park and finding five unique trees, you decide, the options are endless and personal to you.

The ultimate aim is to see the people you care about make small health and wellbeing improvements over time and gradually improving their overall wellbeing.

The level of competitiveness within a Pact is determined by the Pact Admin, if your group is not interested in being competitive it’s not necessary, however if you are competitive then Pacts can be; and anywhere in between, the choice is yours, just set the activity and targets based on the people in your Pact.

Pacts are not simply about moving more, we have Pact’s to encourage us to keep hydrated and to improve our diet, the idea is to be creative and to set the Pact to reflect the wellbeing improvement you are aiming for.

3. How many Pacts can I participate in?

There is no limit, as a user you can create or participate in as many Pacts as you choose, we regularly participate in multiple Pacts with different family member, friends or work colleagues, for us its more fun to participate in multiple Pacts.

4. How many people can join a Pact

The maximum number of participants in a User Pact is 20, in our experience an ideal number is 5 and above as this level creates a positive, supportive and motivational group.

5. How do handicaps work?

When developing Pactive it was clear to us that the people involved all had different fitness levels, to enable a level playing field and to allow a less competitive approach, we allowed each person in a Pact to have a unique target. In our trials some people had health conditions such as diabetes, others overweight and some fit and healthy, a typical family or group of friends, yet we could all achieve and exceed our personal targets with the encouragement and support of the group of supportive and caring people without the expectation that we all had to achieve the unachievable.

6. What are forfeits and Rewards

Forfeits and Rewards have been developed to create a bit of fun or a real competitive edge, they can be used as a “Carrot or Stick” to motivate and incentivise participants. Examples of forfeits can be to wash the dishes or to feed the baby through the night, just something simple and personal to provide a little extra motivation, like wise if you are competitive the forfeit can reflect this, just remember to make the forfeit relevant to your Pact and the participants otherwise it may demotivate people.

Rewards are also very personal, and can be used to encourage and motivate, the rewards do not need to be expensive, it’s more important that they are valuable to the person or people that you are trying to motivate.

7. How much does Pactive cost?

For personal users Pactive is free to download and use.

8. Can I share updates to social Media?

Yes, its easy to connect to your existing Social Media account, you decide what to upload and how often.

9. Can my business Pacts?

PACTIVE is for anyone, in early 2019 we will be launching Open Pacts to enable businesses to incentivise existing and new customers. Socially responsible Businesses will be able to use PACTIVE to help customers to maintain healthy lifestyle programmes or wellness objectives. PACTIVE can help promote your brand and recruit new customers too! To preregister your business please email insert hyperlink.

10. Can my charity create Pacts?

PACTIVE is for anyone, in early 2019 we will be launching Open Pacts to enable charities to create fund raising opportunities through open pacts. Charities will be able to use Pactive to not only fund raise and reach more potential supporters, they will also be improving the health of the users that are helping them. To preregister your charity please email insert hyperlink.

11. My activity tracking isn’t working?

Apple health

The option to connect with Apple health is available on Pactive to access automatically tracked data. You can ensure that your Apple health is working by visiting your Pactive settings. If you are yet to do this you will need to confirm that you want Pactive and apple health to connect by tapping on the blue tab at the top of the home page.

Google Fit

The option to connect with Google Fit is available on Pactive to access automatically tracked data. You can ensure that your google fit is working by visiting your Pactive settings. If you are yet to do this you will need to confirm that you want Pactive and Google fit to connect by tapping on the blue tab at the top of the home page.

12. How do I sync my contacts?

Pactive will ask you if you want to sync your contacts when first creating or joining a pact. If you declined this request then you can sync your contacts by going to your settings on the Pactive profile page and confirming that Pactive can sync with your phone contacts.

13. How do I add manual non-trackable data?

Non-trackable data can be added by selecting the track button in the middle of the bottom navigation tab (enter screenshot) and adding specific data to relevant activity for e.g. 1 glass of water. Nm

 14. Supported IOS versions?

Pactive requires IOS 10 or 11 on an iphone 5/6/7/8/X/XS

15. How do I enable background app refresh?

This can be enabled/disabled by visiting the ‘general’ section on settings. From here then select the background app refresh tab and select on.

16. How do I view my Pacts?

To view the Pacts you are currently partaking in simple select the pacts icon on the bottom of the home screen. (add screenshot)

17. Supported Android versions?

Pactive is currently downloadable on Android mobiles 360×640 resolution with OS version 7 & 8

18. How does the activity feed work?

We have created the activity feed to help make your life easier! The activity feed will provide you with relevant updates on your Pacts and how well you are doing with achieving your targets. When you receive an activity feed message clicking on this message will direct you straight to the relevant area for e.g. if you have received a Pact invite clicking on this activity feed notification will take you straight to the invite you have received.

19. How can I change my Pact target?

Pact targets can only be changed by the admin of the Pact, if you are an admin visit the members section within the specific Pact and it can be edited from there. If you aren’t a Pact admin then you can message the admin of the pact through the pact message feed to organize it being changed.

20. How do I leave a Pact?

You have the option to leave a Pact you no longer want to participate in at anytime by simply clicking the 3 buttons at the top corner of the Pact and pressing leave Pact

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