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Get Pactive This Spring

Spring is almost upon us, and it is time to reassess how you’re getting on with those new year’s resolutions to be more active.

This is THE season for heading outdoors, moving more and feeling great. The weather is getting warmer and the outdoor environment is simply stunning to experience as it replenishes from winter hibernation. It’s our favourite time of the year.


We have decided to create a list of our 10 favourite outdoor activities to energise our active lifestyles during Spring. See for yourself if any will help you to #getPactive this spring.

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1. Family walks in the great outdoors

It’s walking, with friends. One step in front of the other. Breathe in, breathe out. Simple, eh!?

Walking for most of us is the easiest and most accessible form of activity. Whether to the shops or the local park. On the school run, the commute or just for fun – incorporate more walking into your life and you’ll be amazed at what you see, and how you feel.

Encourage the whole family from the kids to grandparents and everyone in-between to walk more. Before dinner, after dinner, to dinner… there’s always time to incorporate a walk into your daily routines.

2. Hiking with friends

Hiking can be as vigorous or gentle as you choose, but a great way to spend time catching up with friends, enjoying the great outdoors and getting some exercise too.

You don’t have to challenge yourself to one of our amazing peaks in the UK, you don’t even need specialist equipment – just search out walks local to you. Most published walks will tell you how difficult they are and how long they’ll take and you can plan accordingly.

It’s our No.1 way to spend time at the weekend and at this time to year the countryside is simply awesome to see.

3. A day at the beach

… in spring?! Yes absolutely, whatever the weather, dress accordingly in balaclavas or bikinis, and hit the beach. It’s so refreshing and if you take a picnic or BBQ a great day out for all. Take a frisbee, a ball, a kite or just go for a long walk and enjoy the opportunity for fun. If you’re brave you might even take a dip and really get the heart pumping.

4. A weekend camping

A couple of years ago we discovered camping with our young family and we haven’t looked back since. If you haven’t got your own equipment why not borrow some from friends or invest in some low-cost options from the supermarket or the many camping stores with offers on. It’s a fabulous way to spend quality time as a family away from screens and phones and a great opportunity to eat healthily and explore the outdoors.  

5. A wild swim

The warmer weather is a perfect opportunity to try something new – so why not try wild swimming? We tried it for the first time last year in a local lake and can’t wait to go again this year. It’s a great way to meet people and to experience our wonderful outdoors. It’s a little daunting to begin with, but you feel amazing afterwards and it’s a great non-competitive way to exercise too. Visit here to find out more about where you can swim safely local to you. 

6. A lunchtime mile

What do you do at lunchtime: eat, gossip, read?

Why not challenge yourself to move more and use the time productively. Let’s face it most of us can eat a sandwich in less than 5 minutes which leaves up to 55 mins for a walk, run or cycle. You don’t have to return to the office as a sweaty mess, just incorporate some mild movement, and some fresh air. It will help reduce your craving for afternoon snacks and invigorate your body and mind for the rest of day.

Lunchtime Walk

7. Exercise ‘with’ the dog

Lots of us take the dog for a walk once or twice a day, but how often does our furry friend do more of the running and chasing than we do? Guilty as charged. Turn the daily chore into a daily opportunity and make sure you run as much as your dog does. It’s time well spent getting valuable exercise for you as well as for your four-legged friend.

8. Why not try Plogging?

Have your heard of this new trend?

Whilst planning a day outdoors, take a bag with you and make a point of picking up any litter that you find along the way. It’s a great reason to keep moving and active and is helping the environment too. Plogging is a perfect way to feel good physically and mentally about a day well spent in the outdoors.  Visit here to find out more.

9. Urban explore

Spring is not just about the countryside – the better weather is an ideal excuse to explore our towns and cities too. Put on some comfy shoes and walk the many streets, alleyways, canals and rivers the length and breath of the country. There’s always a handy café, tearoom, bar or pub close to hand too for a welcome treat once you’ve clocked up a few miles. Keep off the trams and buses and explore on foot – good for you and the environment.

10. Dancing the night away

Spring is the time of year where we begin to see outdoor music festivals popping in to the social calendar. What better way to spend quality time with friends and family in the outdoors, enjoying the environment, with music and a little bit of mayhem. Add into the mix some dancing and your well on your way to adding some healthy movement into an otherwise social night out. Shake off any inhibitions and move more, you’ll feel tonnes better for it in the morning too!

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