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PACTIVE has created a PACT to celebrate the joy and pleasure that our pets bring to our lives and how they make us smile.

Our aim is that by sharing images, posts, videos, tips, and advice from what you know about your furry and non-furry friends! in the PACT forum we can all get at least 1 smile a day and help improve the mental well-being of everyone in the PACT.

PACTIVE has pledged to make a £5,000 donation to animal welfare charities, you can help,  just by joining this PACT, today you will have raised £0.50 (fifty pence) to go towards the special animal welfare charities we all hold close to our hearts!


1.       From your mobile phone – Use our SmartLink to Download PACTIVE  and be redirected to The Animal Welfare PACT.




or download from

2.       Join the PACT.

3.       Daily, or as often as you can, share about your pets in the PACTIVE forum.

4.       Share on social media across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with friends and family to encourage them to get involved – the more people who join the PACT, the larger the donation to animal welfare!

5.       Finally, remember to enjoy yourself. Thank you for getting involved and we look forward to meeting your pets. All donations are welcome, 100% of your donation will go to animal welfare charities, to donate now CLICK HERE


PACTIVE pledges to donate £0.50 (fifty pence) for every person who joins the Animal Welfare PACT, one donation only for each unique telephone number.

Users must download the PACTIVE APP and join this PACT.

We reserve the right to cap the donation at £5,000 (five thousand pounds)


When posting to the forum, please do not share any location details.

Please ensure that your content is suitable for this forum. Any unsuitable content will be removed, and your account may be deleted.


We are pet lovers so want to create a community of like-minded people and at the same time raise some funds for animal welfare charities.

PACTIVE is free to download. Unlike fitness apps, PACTIVE is not built for physical performance it empowers people to unite to help people that matter to them, and together make a difference, coming together in social groups regardless of physical abilities to improve their physical and mental wellbeing in their everyday lives and to enable friends and family to help support and inspire each other to lead happier, healthier lives – through a new and unique combination of activity tracking and social media.

PACTIVE is powered by people who want to help each other. Connecting people, to inspire and be inspired by each other to achieve more. Bringing together people within your network to create and share fun activities with a mix of common and personal goals.

Using the PACTIVE app you can explore new places or help your friends & family to do more together and have fun doing it! As well as social PACTS used to plan days out or challenging relatives, friends, or colleagues to achieve life goals, PACTS can also be used to help relatives and friends living with a health condition or with rehabilitation goals to become more active.

PACTIVE is for everyone, why not talk to us and let’s see how we can collaborate to raise awareness and funds directly for your chosen charitable cause or as a socially responsible business and at the same time improve the wellbeing of millions of people. CLICK HERE

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