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English Summer Sport Fever!

English sporting success.

What an amazing weekend of sports! The English summer sport fever is in full flow. From the Netball world cup beginning in Liverpool. To Lewis Hamilton winning the British Grand Prix for a record 6th time. To Sunday afternoon were 2 of the 3 greatest tennis players of our generation produced an incredible Wimbledon final. The amazing English sporting weekend was completed by the ODI cricket world cup final. Where England became World champions after a very tense super over which had us all watching through our hands.

This success means that England is now the first country to win the Football world cup, the Rugby world cup, and the Cricket world cup. Considering we also had 4 English teams in the European finals this year and finally not forgetting our Lionesses reached the semi-finals of the Women’s World Cup. It has to be concluded that it has been a fantastic summer of English sport!

Who else felt inspired? I spent my Monday and Tuesday night out with the kids learning how to score goals in Netball like Helen Housby. Then learning to rally like the incredible Federer and Djokovic in Tennis. Followed by a Tuesday night of Cricket learning to bowl like Archer and bat-like Stokes.


How can you get involved?

It was a weekend which has inspired a generation of children (and adults) to try new sports and have new role models. Change 4 Life has a great tool on their website which allows you to find local clubs in your area that you may want to join following this new British sporting inspiration but it can be much easier than that. Simply getting out in the garden with your kids with the tennis rackets, playing pass and shoot or Kwik cricket will not only improve your general wellbeing and happiness. Your children will love it!

A great way to start your journey is with Pactive. There has been a 40% rise in sporting related Pacts since this weekend. So our users are certainly feeling the inspiration! A sporting Pact can be as simple as challenging your children in a race to score 100 goals in Netball. Another Pact example if you fancy getting more Socially-Active is beginning a tennis group with your friends where you organise a weekly tennis match with a trip for afternoon tea after! The Pact creation opportunities are endless and provide you with an opportunity to create your own way of becoming part of this sporting inspiration. To download Pactive and try these Pacts follow the link below.


Tell us about your Pactive Journey!

We would love to hear how you have used Pactive as part of this nationwide inspiration to get involved in sports following a fantastic weekend.

Please get in touch with us on ross@getpactive.co.uk to share your story with the team.


Stay inspired and embrace the inspiration and your children could become the next sporting hero!

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