I Don’t Have Time to Exercise or Be Active – a Guide to Excuses | Pactive

We’ve all said it..

“I don’t have time but I know I should…”

“If only I had time…”

“When I have time, I’ll definitely do it…”

Well let’s face it, time is just an excuse… isn’t it?

There’s plenty of time really and leading a more active life can actually help you to save time in many cases. So we decided to confront this issue about time and challenge ourselves to make time, and get Pactive.

We now run with the dog not watch it

We have to get up to take the dog for a walk each morning, but now instead of throwing a ball and watching him run after it, we run ‘with’ him to get some early morning exercise too.

We now walk the school run.

We get a great start to the day and so do the kids, walking to school helps to energise their bodies and minds and increase their circulation.  And we’ve discovered that walking is actually quicker than waiting in local traffic and looking or parking spaces. We’re saving time!

Walking instead of driving to work

It’s hits and miss whether this is any quicker, it depends on traffic, but the benefits of the walk (especially now the weather is picking up) far outweighs the extra 15 minutes to my journey-time. And I feel so much better at work and have noticed I’m snacking less to when I get there too.


Taking the stairs at every opportunity

In the office, in the street, and even at home. I now take the stairs religiously and it saves time not waiting for lifts. And at home??? Yep I now only use the upstairs bathroom via of course the stairs, every time I spend a penny I count a few extra steps. Simple some might even say stupid…but effective.

Lunchtime steps

I used to spend my lunch breaks eating, catching up on gossip or driving to McDonalds. A wasted hour more often than not. Now I set myself a daily challenge to walk for 40minutes solid, before tucking into my lunchbox. The excuse to get outdoors and away from my desk is great making me move more, breathe a little faster and eat less. I feel so much more productive in the afternoons too! And it’s only time I’d otherwise spend doing nothing of any value.

Walking meetings

I’m really luck where I work that I can move around the building and surrounding areas pretty easily. I recently read a blog about a CEO who advocates walking meetings so I thought I’d try it. It’s actually amazing. The meetings are shorter, more direct and purposeful, no boring powerpoint presentations and no biscuits either. I’ve started dialling into conference calls whilst walking too.  I’m finding time to move whilst multi-tasking. Awesome.


After dinner stroll

So often after a long day I cook and eat dinner and then ‘relax’ on the couch watching TV or phoning family and friends. Well I’ve made a significant change here too. 30 mins after dinner I make a point of going for a short walk. Come rain or shine, I wrap up warm and head outdoors. It helps me to digest my meals, gets my circulation moving and when I really can relax. I sometime use it as an opportunity to phone family and friends too, and we’re now organising walks at the same time to talk with each other on then hone whilst we both walk. We’re inspiring each other. And after the walk, we feel properly relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of our evening. It takes no more than ½ hour but is only time spent that otherwise I’d waste in front of the box.

Housework is now an official challenge

I hate housework, who doesn’t. But now when the inevitable is required, I challenge myself to hoover quicker, change the bed more vigorously, clean harder, wipe quicker and whizz around the chores. I even dance when I iron. I can feel my heart pumping faster. The jobs are done quicker and I can feel my heart pumping faster too!

These are just a few changes which I’ve made to add more movement into my daily routine without having to ‘make time’. I’d recommend you look at your day too and see how you can make small changes to get Pactive and move more.

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