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The facts

How many of you wake up and head straight for the coffee machine to get your day started? Research from Harvard University has found that a morning exercise return provides the same energy lift and mental clarity for a longer period than a cup of coffee. This will set up your day in the office perfectly!

Exercising in the morning also improves your sleeping quality. A recent study found the participants who exercised at 7 am instead of nighttime exercise had better quality sleep than those who exercised at night.

Another great benefit is stress relief! Working out in the morning gives you a much greater chance of walking in to work stress-free. This is due to the rise in your endorphin levels.

How to get started?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all would be getting a head start on your friends and family in your pact targets!!

However, we do understand hitting that snooze button is very tempting when your alarm rings at 6:30 am. But, we say what not try it? If over the week ahead you dedicate one morning to exercise before work then you will have the opportunity to develop a habit that has a clear benefit to your life.

I myself have adopted the morning exercise routine and have found not only do I feel much better. I am also loving the extra family time I get to have at the end of each workday.

Want to start this morning exercise journey with a friend or family member? Invite them to join your Pact and challenge them to a morning exercise session this week!

We can all get involved, this does not mean going to the gym, it can be as simple as you make it, a short walk or simply exercise in your home set your goals at your level and enjoy it.

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