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Hi! I’m Rocky!

My story with Boxer Rescue started when my previous owners abandoned me.How to Turn Your Dog Walk Into a Convenient Active Workout

The nice people at Boxer Rescue did everything in their power to get me re-homed, somewhere I can call my own. My future family saw a story about me on social media and knew that there was something special about me! originally just to be my foster family on account of she already had three other dogs, but after a few days I went from being a visitor to a member of the family.

I have a brother and sister that are boxers just like me! and a brother that is a Golden Retriever. We love each other very much and love to give each other kisses!

My family takes me on walks and my favourite: car rides!! I love my new family and I owe it all to Boxer Rescue! but I also know that in a way, I saved them too! I want to share my story because I want to encourage other nice people to adopt dogs like me! One last thing!!

Please don’t judge us on our age! I am 8 yrs old, but as you can see I am one cool dude!

Have a great day on Sunday 2nd August, please  invite some friends to join our dog walk, because the more people who get involved the more dogs like me can be helped.

There are many Boxer dogs with health conditions or who need re-homing and your help can make a difference.

We are looking forward to seeing your images and comments that you add to our Pact Forum on Pactive.

Please share the Pact event via social media.

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