Small Changes That Matter, Part Four: Being Outdoors Is Better for Our Hearts and Minds Than Staying Inside | Pactive
Pactive - Small Changes That Matter - Part Four

I’ve just come back from a morning walk around my local park and I feel great! What a way to start a day.

We spend so much of our lives indoors, especially in the UK winter – and it’s all too tempting to adopt a sedentary routine for hours on end. Too often, we drive to work, sit in the office at a desk, grab convenience food on the run, drive home, sit and eat dinner, watch TV on the couch… and then head to bed, exhausted from all that, err, sitting.

What a day. No fresh air, no activities… no fun.

Being outdoors is great for our hearts and our minds. While a hike up a mountain or around a lake is not convenient for most of us – we do have to work sometime – there are smaller ways to get your outdoors fix. There’s no escaping that it feels good to spend time in our parks, or walking around our towns and cities just enjoying our surroundings.

A brisk walk round the block after dinner; or walking to work rather than being stuck on a bus, train or car; or a lunchtime stroll to the furthest point you can reach before returning to work. Find small ways to get outdoors more, and your body will reward you – with more energy and better concentration.

If you make it your goal to spend even an hour a day outdoors in some capacity, you will soon notice that your daily routine changes – letting you discover more ways to add more activity into your life!

If you want another way to make some of these small changes even easier, you can use Pactive to challenge you, your friends, and family to tackle some of these challenges. Download the app today to find out how Pactive could work for you.

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