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PACTIVE works best when you connect your existing health app to it. This allows us to automatically track your movement, meaning you keep on top of your goals without forgetting to manually log any of the vital steps you take.

If you forgot to allow your health app data to automatically track when you first downloaded PACTIVE, don’t worry – it’s easy to connect to your Apple Health or Google Fit account.

How to connect to Apple Health

  1. First, check if your Apple Health is already connected. You can do this by accessing your PACTIVE settings. Go to your Settings and select Health App. If this is connected, it should take you to your Apple Health account.
  2. If your Apple Health account is not connected, you will need to confirm that you want PACTIVE and Apple Health to connect by tapping on the blue tab at the top of the homepage.

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How to connect to Google Fit

  1. To connect your Google Fit account to PACTIVE, you need to first go to your Google Fit app
  2. Within Google Fit, go to your ‘Profile’
  3. In ‘Profile’ select the settings icon (the gear icon next to your profile image)
  4. Go to ‘Manage Connected Apps’
  5. Select ‘All Apps and Devices’ from the dropdown
  6. Navigate to ‘PACTIVE’
  7. Select ‘Connect’

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