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It’s easy to create a Private PACT in PACTIVE. Just follow our simple step-by-step guide to create your first Private PACT.

  1. When you open the PACTIVE app, you will be presented with the home screen, as shown below. The first time you open the PACTIVE app, you will not have any PACTS to display.
  2. Select the ‘Create a PACT’ button.
  3. Here you can edit the image by selecting the purple pencil. To select an image from your library, select ‘Allow’ on the option ‘Allow PACTIVE to take pictures and record video’. You will only need to do this once.
  4. PACTIVE uses standard images. You can use our default images or set your own personal ones. We suggest that you personalise your PACTS by either selecting a photo from your library. Or, you can take a brand new photo to display as the cover photo for your PACT.Once you’ve selected your photo, you can move on to filling in the other parts of your PACT.
  5. First of all, you must give your PACT a name. This can be anything you choose, but the best PACT names describe the PACT activity and objectives! Next, you must complete a short PACT description to let followers of your PACT know about what they must do to complete the PACT. The next step is to complete a PACT start and PACT end time. PACTS can run for as long as you would like. You must then set your activity type. This can be walking, running, cycling, meditation, hydration, sleeping, your 5-a-day or a custom goal. PACTIVE is best when you have a range of PACTS 5 a day, hydration, activity and a smile PACT supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of those in your PACTS.
  6. Next, it’s time to set a goal. This could be walking 5km a day, or eating 5-pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, or anything else that springs to mind! The options are endless. Select your activity type, measurement and target to create your PACT. It’s important to remember PACTIVE is about improving your social group’s overall wellbeing and creating new experiences. It doesn’t matter if you don’t hit your target every day, what’s more important is that you are all working together to improve your health and wellbeing, in a supportive and motivational way. Now, you can add a reward or a forfeit. Find out more about forfeits and rewards by checking out our FAQs. We suggest that you think about the people in the PACT and choose rewards or forfeits that are appropriate for the people involved.
  7. Finally, select ‘Create a PACT’. Your PACT is now created and ready for people to join!

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Created your first PACT?

Now it’s time to invite users to join you in your PACT! Our handy guide ‘How to invite people to join your PACT’ will show you how to do this. When inviting your friends and family to join your PACT you can choose to use the PACT target or set individual targets for each person, make PACTIVE inclusive and set PACT targets that each person can achieve and that reflects their individual physical ability.

Sharing your PACT on social media will make it even easier for your friends and family to join your PACT.

If you want to create a PACT in future, go to the PACTS section (at the bottom of the screen navigation) of the app, and select ‘Create a PACT’



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