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If you don’t want to connect your health app data to PACTIVE, that’s fine! You can manually track your activity too. Or, for many PACTs, it is not possible to automatically track your activity, for example in PACTs that track hydration or your 5-a-day. For these PACTs, and many others, you can enter your activity manually.

If you are part of a PACT that manually tracks your data, for example, the number of steps you take, it is possible to add to this manually too.

  1. Open the PACTIVE app and select the Track option on the home screen
  2. This will open the ‘Track Progress’ screen. You can manually update the tracking for walking, hydration, 5-a-day, meditation and so much more on this screen. To do this, just scroll to the option you want to update, and either select the + or – option to add glasses of water, meters or minutes to your count. 
  3. Select update to update your total. 

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