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‘move more’ is a term first referenced in UK Parliament in response to the need to counter the impending health crisis in the UK resulting from an inactive society.

A lack of exercise and healthy lifestyle is directly contributing to the rise in obesity and obesity related diseases, as well as many mental and physical conditions.

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For more information on the origins of the move more philosophy read here:

We’re not here to make a huge political statement, but the idea of doing something to help the people we care about to move more is one of the main reasons that we created PACTIVE. It’s why we exist!

We wanted an app that inspired and helped individuals to help themselves and the people who they care about to collectively live healthier lifestyles, through a personal combination of hydration, improved diet and moving more.

We recognise that not everyone finds leading an active and healthy lifestyle easy and so we’ve created an app that is designed to help people start to build more activity into their daily lives and an easy way to include family and friends in their journey – inviting them to participate in mini-challenges ( we call them PACTS ) and in the process inspiring them to begin their own journey to a more active lifestyle while giving each other the motivation to succeed.

Building more activities into your daily routines is a great way to move more and enjoy a healthier lifestyle – helping the body and the brain on the way to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

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